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Thousands of faculty members across Indiana University Bloomington are conducting influential research every day. We’re exploring new frontiers in fields ranging from health to business to technology. And were leading the way in the arts and humanities with unapologetic excitement for transformative cultural experiences.

Together, our faculty and students are taking on the world’s biggest challenges, enhancing lives, building the Hoosier economy, and strengthening communities across Indiana and the world.

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Recent research and creative activity includes:

IU researchers advance research on brightest-known fluorescent solids

IU researchers who discovered the world’s brightest-known fluorescent solid materials–also known as SMILES—are working to advance the use of this high-tech material in manufacturing through commercialization and research activity.

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Using arts and the humanities to connect people and improve lives

Expressing creativity brings people closer to understanding themselves and others. We do that by expanding access to the arts through programs like Platform, an arts and humanities research laboratory.

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Lego robot arm

Next-generation technology taught to the next generation of Hoosiers

Thanks to a $1.7 million grant, IU researchers have developed a program to teach rural middle schoolers about AI and machine learning.

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Small child with an adult in a playroom

Learning: Machines, Brains, and Children

Machines can tell us a lot about babies. And babies can tell us a lot about machines. Together, IU researchers are learning about learning.

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Sustainable Food Systems Science

Pairing decision science with big data and research around the world, we’re exploring how to build food systems that are more resilient, just, and sustainable.

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Quantum Science and Engineering

The Second Quantum Revolution is coming. And we’re shaping it by investigating the most mysterious aspects of quantum mechanics.

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IU has more than 100 research centers and institutes at the forefront of their fields. They enable researchers from across disciplines, departments, schools, and campuses to collaborate on pursuing important questions and ideas.

Students: are you ready to solve big problems and answer tough questions?

The Office of Engaged Learning can help you find exciting research opportunities and funding. You can also explore opportunities at your IU school.

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Let us be ambitious in expanding excellence across the university in research, discovery, and creativity. At IU, our students, faculty, and staff are world leaders in discovery and creation that impacts the world.

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Your work matters and is vital to the public interest. IU has a team of experts ready to help your work get the attention it deserves through commercialization resources, workshops, and partnership agreements.

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